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Susan Banks Communication Consultant serves clients in Wake Forest, North Carolina, the state's capital Raleigh, and other surrounding areas.​​

Susan Banks Communication Consultant offers a number of strategies to help clients achieve their goals. They are not just limited to the following:
Personal Coaching
Individuals who want to give their image a boost in connection with their career goals and those who are in the public eye seek guidance when it comes to giving their image a boost or completely revamping it.

Personal Coaching includes image overhauls, speech enhancement, as well as hair, makeup, and wardrobe analysis.

Clients are taught how they can present themselves in the best light to the rest of the world. They also learn how to deal with emergencies that may threaten their image.
Executive Coaching
High-level executives who are caught in the fast-paced and high-pressure corporate setting often have limited time to see to their own development. However, it is still necessary for them to makes sure that their skills are up to date and that they remain clued in on the current and upcoming trends in their industry and related fields.

Executive coaching is usually given to executives who are deemed as the future leaders of their respective companies.

Executive coaching may include leadership training sessions, public speaking training for executives, and other skills development programs.
Marketing Guidance
This entails giving guidance and support to clients who need a long-term strategy for sustaining their image. This may involve forming a team of professionals, each of whom is assigned to oversee or manage a particular aspect of the client's branding concerns.

Marketing Guidance may include assistance in establishing brand visibility, social media presence, and the like.
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